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Wireless Communications Products & Accessories

At CK & Company we are committed to fulfilling the industry's demand for custom wireless components. We can rapidly deliver custom fabricated products, whether designed from scratch or built from existing drawings. Because our expertise lies in the wireless industry, you can feel confident in the quality, fit and performance of our products and solutions. We also provide innovative solutions which accelerate network implementation and enhanced system reliability. Our components are designed not only to meet performance expectations, but also to accommodate installation and application requirements. Because we offer a vast array of options and products, this allows our customers to choose a "kit" of products which best fits their requirements, applications and preferences. A single source for wireless components, which is backed by years of practical knowledge and technical expertise. To learn more about the services and products we offer, click here.

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Metal Stair and Decking project?

We can help you with your metal stair or decking project whether it is commercial or residential. Please feel free to contact us with questions or for a quote on any project you may be considering. Let us help you prepare and be informed as you begin your project.



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